Good Arguments

Build Trust

(even when you disagree)

True, it can be uncomfortable,  but like baseball or chess, reasoning is a cooperative exercise. It invites both sides into a set of rules–each warming to the other the more their ideas are taken seriously.

Debate can bring us together….
As long as we do it well.

Neutral technology can help.

When Ideas Can’t Battle, People Will

Polarization, partisanship, disunity…People didn’t just wake up angry.  They’ve also grown too confident in their own ideas and too dismissive of the counterpoints.

Top to bottom, we need a public forum– an opposition crucible where ideas are tested before being believed, let alone absorbed as personal identities.

A change in discourse, could save the nation.

Deconflicting our Diverse Beliefs

Pluralism depends on Arbitrating Differences

Communitarians and Empathics

Improving minority inclusion, trust in institutions and societal cooperation

Democracy and Institutions

Supporting policy decisions, helpful discourse and accountable leadership

Libertarians and Rationalists 

Advancing human knowledge via the competitive marketplace of ideas

Deliberation Made Easy

Effective reasoning is complicated, but we’ve done the hard part already.  With rules like turn-taking, topicality, argument mapping and peer review…so that everyone plays fair and trusts the process.

Objectively sets the guidelines.  You handle the dialogue.

Building Trust Across the Ecosystem

Elevating information quality at each step in the flow


Enhance reputation with collaboration, vetting and interdisciplinary review


Expand audiences through expertise, engagement and trust-building


Receiving and sharing less polarizing and more defensible content

Finding the Answers Together, Objectively

Quality discussion promotes understanding and helps us disagree better. It also encourages vetting by the opposition, input by experts, and rules to keep the discussion productive. In short, it requires we talk, Objectively.

Welcome to a true public forum.